Monday, April 27, 2015


Or as we're calling it in the Twitterverse/Hashtag World,

#Listen2aBook Day!

A select number of people who contact me today (either via the contact box on this website, or via my Twitter account, clickable at the top of this website) can receive a promotional review copy of one of my audiobooks FREE through! Tell me which of my books you are interested in (see the links at the top or side of the page) and specify a valid email (not shared or put on mailing lists) at which to receive the code for your free copy!

This is valid April 27, 2015 only. Not all of my audiobooks may be available as a free promotional copy.

Cheers, and enjoy listening to your book!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Here's a bit of a plug for my recent Young Adult Adventure ‪‎audiobook‬: Kirkus Reviews star-winner BLACKHEART'S LEGACY by Sally Copus! Enjoy! ‪#‎Lotsofaccents

 Blackheart Audible Link

While I've always taken pride in my accent work, and tend to narrate books with a large ensemble of characters and multiple voices, many of them tend to have the same dialect (English, Scottish, American variations). Here, though, the adventure comprises a vast number of characters from all over the world. Everywhere from the USA to Scotland to Jamaica to China is represented. (Don't worry, no offensive stereotype voices here.) 

It was a joy to narrate, and I'm just listening back to Audible's final commercial version; audio quality sounds nice. Although aimed at 11-to 14 year-old audience, it's really a lot of fun for adults as well.