Thursday, June 18, 2015

HIGHLAND REVENGE Audiobook available!

HIGHLAND ECHOES Audiobook completed– soon to be released

both by Ceci Giltenan/narrated by Paul Woodson

 Pleased to announce that my 2nd set of Ceci Giltenan's Highland Romance audiobooks are rolling out! This time I am voicing her FATED HEARTS series.

Already available: Highland Revenge (Fated Hearts Book 1), a novella that's also a part of the Scrolls of Cridhe Series , on which Ceci Giltenan collaborated with fellow well-known Highland Romance authors Sue-Ellen Welfonder, Suzan Tisdale , Kate Robbins, Kathryn Lynn Davis , Lily Baldwin, and Tarah Scott. (I've had the pleasure of narrating 2 of Lily Baldwin's books as well.)

The 2nd book in the series, Highland Echoes, is a full-length novel, and has its audiobook in the can and will be available on Audible any day! Watch for it on Audible (you can keep tabs on my current audiobooks by visiting my Titles Page - ( As usual, it was a pleasure to narrate Ceci's work!

Cheers, all, for listening!

Monday, June 8, 2015

I'm very excited to announce that my Featured Release of the Month, THE EFFICIENCY EXPERT , the 1921 novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs,  was #3 in the Audible "Classics" Category the week of its release (last week)! I never expected such interest so quickly, but it's a great feeling! I even got my wife to listen to the whole thing and she loved it (which is no small feat)!

By today, it's dropped to #5 in the last 7 days, but I managed to snag this screenshot last night:

Also, both EFFICIENCY EXPERT and Hawthorne's THE ARTIST OF THE BEAUTIFUL were, respectively, #14 and #33 in Classics over the last month! Feeling good about tackling these classics in between some of my other audiobook work (more about my newest projects in the next post.)

Thanks, Mike Vendetti & Steven Jay Cohen!

Monday, June 1, 2015

APAC 2015!!!

2015 was my first APAC ( Audio Publishers Association Conference), and I had the joy of meeting and hearing a multitude of incredible talent in the ‪#‎audiobook‬ Industry! And I was able to thank Scott Brick personally for inspiring me to take that first step!

Also, an old dorm mate of mine from Boston, Peter Shankman, was the Keynote Speaker!

Here are some pics from APAC. (I was so busy I really didn't take many)