Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I'm just starting this whole blog thing.

It may be a better way to communicate than the self-HTML'ed page I created in, oh, 2000, before Facebook, Twitter, and social media took things over-- back then we created webpages with twigs, rocks, and white paste!

If all goes well, I'll be redirecting my www.paulwoodson.com page to this address instead of that old dinosaur of a page, as entertaining as it may be. If you've never seen it, go visit it now-- you may not be able to for much longer! See how self-created webpages (not outsourced to professionals) looked in the first decade of the 21st century! -- And even so, mine wasn't half-bad for a non-pro. ;)

Anyway, give me some time to figure this blogging thing out, and check back with me here. Mostly I'm creating this page to market my skyrocketing audiobook narrator career... no, I'm serious.

Cheers! If you found this page because you've heard my voice (or seen me on stage, screen, or TV), God bless you.

Paul Woodson

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