Tuesday, July 22, 2014

This Highlander Romance novel, HIGHLAND SOLUTION by Ceci Giltenan, just reached #1 in several Amazon categories! I recorded the audiobook version, which is also doing really well– this is great news for me and the author. Although I've done many audiobooks, this is my first time being attached to a #1 novel. Very exciting!

The Audiobook is not #1– yet– but it is receiving high marks, and available on Amazon, iTunes, and Audible. If you're a friend of mine, contact me for a code. If you're not, this is a great time for you to use that Amazon or iTunes gift card that's been sitting around since your Aunt Griselda saw you at Christmas.

Check out the Audiobook of HIGHLAND SOLUTION here!

(Reluctant to set up a new account for Audible? You really don't have to. If you have an Amazon account, your Audible account is built in. All you really have to tweak are your preferences.) :)

Also, I'm currently in audiobook production of the 2nd book in the series, HIGHLAND COURAGE, which primarily casts some minor characters from the first book as the new heroes. All the Duncurra books take place in the same Universe, but each has a different focus.

I should also mention that production is complete on several new audiobooks of mine as well, THE BLACKGUARD (The Blue Dragon's Geas: Book 2) – a terrific Fantasy series on which I favorably expounded 2 posts ago. Book 1, OUTCAST, continues to place in the top 20 in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy Category.

...and, SEARCHING FOR MOORE (released) and MOORE THAN FOREVER (awaiting ACX approval), Books 1 and 3 in the steamy "Needing Moore" romance trilogy. If you doubt my "sexy" voice, give these a listen – I think you'll be pleasurably surprised.

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