Wednesday, January 7, 2015

1984's THE COMPANY OF WOLVES Explores the
Little Red Riding Hood Mythos

Sarah Patterson is innocent but curious as Little Red (Rosaleen).

While Fairy Tales are on my mind (thanks, INTO THE WOODS), allow me to recommend the daringly confusing, yet fascinating British film, THE COMPANY OF WOLVES, from 1984, which comes at the Little Red Riding Hood tale from about 5 different angles, using multiple narratives-within-a-dream and stories within stories to accomplish that daunting task.

The linked review provides good insight into the movie's background. All the different allegories and symbolisms of Little Red are in this film somewhere, and Sarah Patterson does a marvelous turn as the flowering girl on the cusp of teenhood who is both enchanted and repulsed by "wolves".

Venerable starring actors also include Angela Lansbury, David Warner, Terence Stamp, and Stephen Rea.

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